Invitation of exhibition | Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD. invites you to attend Hong Kong Fashion Instyle from April-20 to Apr-23



We sincerely invite you to attend the Fashion Instye 2024 Hong Kong Fashion Festival, which will be held in Hong Kong on April 20th. Jiangxi Daishing POF Co.,LTD. is committed to building a outstanding brand in the luminous fiber textile industry, with its brand "lumiart" ( Cn) will appear at the show. Focus on luminous fiber fabric raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products one-stop service, products include luminous fabric, wedding dress, luminous clothing, luminous accessories, luminous home textile and other series of clothing products, with a number of patents and technical awards.



Exhibition introduction


As the most influential exhibition in Hong Kong, Fashion Instye attracts designers, brands and buyers from all over the world every year, as well as many industrial clusters and enterprises from the mainland. The exhibition is committed to promoting the development of the fashion industry, providing a platform for the industry people to exchange, cooperation and exhibition and trade.





Exhibition name: Hong Kong Fashion Instyle 


Exhibition time: April 20-23,2024-physical exhibition


Exhibition name: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Booth number: 3G-B26



Exhibit products


In this exhibition, we are located in the 3G-B26 booth in the bridal dress and evening dress area, and the product categories include luminous fabrics, fiber-emitting clothing, fiber-emitting accessories, fiber-emitting home, etc.





The novel luminous fabric is different from the traditional fabric, which is successively woven into the fabric textile, and then through the intelligent control of the preset program, the surface of the fabric can present millions of color changes, producing a sense of light flow, and the visual sense is colorful.




Luminescent fabrics have been widely promoted in the global textile industry. The company follows the development trend of the industry, constantly research and develops new varieties, and improves the production process. At present, it has been able to produce a variety of luminous fabrics to meet different needs and uses.




Support ODM & OEM proofing and production

For many years, our company has been committed to providing quality service to customers around the world. Please make your specific requirements, and our professional team will provide detailed solutions in the shortest possible time.


Welcome to booth 3G-B26, Dasheng plastic fiber is looking forward to meeting with you!


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